Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to treat our clients in a professional, timely, and friendly way. When clients choose to work with Guide lelo for their business, they agree to the following terms and conditions.

The Contract

Clients and Guide lelo will have an independent contractor relationship, meaning there’s no partnership or joint venture intended or implied. Both parties will agree on a start date for the services, and charges will apply accordingly.

Clients will receive a monthly report on the performance services. Neither party can cancel or fully transfer service responsibilities to another vendor without giving at least 10 business days’ notice. Guide lelo may choose to subcontract some service tasks to a third-party provider.

Any person not involved in the contract won’t have rights under or in connection with it.


When clients choose any monthly service package from Guide Lelo, they must pay the full amount before the work begins. If Guide Lelo and the client agree on a fixed quote for services, 100% of the billable amount is due in advance before work starts.

Guide Lelo will send clients monthly invoices in advance. If clients don’t pay a monthly invoice on time, Guide Lelo will immediately stop the services without giving a 10-day notice, and we won’t be responsible for any prior warning in this situation.

Guide Lelo won’t be responsible for any indirect or consequential losses resulting from delays in delivering obligated services, especially if the delay is due to natural or uncontrollable causes.


Clients agree to defend, cover, and hold Guide Lelo harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, and expenses related to the services provided under this agreement. This includes claims by third parties related to false advertising, product or service liability, patent, copyright, or trademark infringement, disruptions or malfunctions in provided services, or any content submitted by the client for publication by Guide Lelo.

Because digital media makes client-provided content immediately accessible to the public upon publication, Guide Lelo isn’t responsible for screening material. Any damages or losses in profit, goodwill, or business assets due to the public nature of the content are not the responsibility of Guide Lelo.

Privacy Rights

Any details you share, such as your name, email, contact number, and website URL through our contact form, will be kept private and won’t be shared with others without your permission. Only Wireframes Digital employees will have access to this information.

We take sensible steps to protect your personal information from being lost, misused, or changed. However, it’s important to note that transmitting data over the internet is not completely secure, and Wireframes Digital cannot guarantee absolute security in this regard.

For financial transactions, we employ SSL encrypted technology to maximize security and protect against online theft and fraud.

Cookies are utilized to monitor the browsing preferences of web users. We may use Cookies to collect statistical data on your browsing habits to enhance our site. Some third-party advertisers with ad links on our website may also use Cookies for statistical purposes, but Cookies do not grant access to your personal information to either us or any third-party entities.